Korg PolySix, 1980's, Beautiful Example Classic Analog Polyphonic Synth
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Developed as an answer to the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and similar to the Roland Juno 6, the Korg PolySix serves up six-voice analog polyphony with one VCO and sub-oscillator per voice. Change or thicken your sound using any one of the number of effects, like chorus, phase, and even ensemble effects like bucket-brigade-based delay. With 32-patch memory and a powerhouse arpeggiator controllable with octave, latch, and up/down controls, the PolySix is a vintage synth that's a true force to be reckoned with, earning it fans like Geoff Downes and Keith Emerson.

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Product Specs

  • PolySix
  • Navy Blue
  • 1980s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth
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  • One of Korg’s best

    Verified Purchase

    The Polysix has a fantastic tone. It can produce beautifully dark and haunting pads and strings, and then go to aggressive resonant basses and sweeps. Often compared with the Roland Juno series, it doesn’t quite have their wide sweet spots and easy-to-mix tone. But it has a much grittier and beefier…

  • Great Poly for Cheap!

    Verified Purchase

    I had a Juno 60 for 3+ years , a Jupiter 6, a Jx3p for quite a while, and this thing has some charm all it's own. I certainly feel prefer it. Not sure if it is better, but I like it the best. The battery thing must be dealt with , so try to find a clean one!- Mike Vilogi

More Information

First manufactured in 1981, the Korg PolySix analog polyphonic synthesizer is similar to the Roland Juno 6 in that it boasts 6 voices with one VCO and sub-oscillator per voice, as well as chorus, phase, and "ensemble" effects to thicken up its sound. The Korg PolySix comes with 32 patch memory and an impressive arpeggiator that has rate and octave, latch, and up/down controls.

Features: 61 keys, 6 voice polyphony, CV Input for filter cutoff, Sync Input for arpeggiator, mono audio output

Notable Players: Geoff Downes, Astral Projection, Keith Emerson