With intense accuracy and a swanky 3D display, the Korg Pitchblack Custom makes tuning on stage or in the studio easier than ever. This compact pedal tuner features four switchable display modes and adjustable calibration, making it an ideal choice for quick stage tuning or dialing in exact intonation on the bench. Compare prices on new & used Korg Pitchblack Custom pedal tuners on Reverb.com for the best deals.

Product Specs

  • PB-CS Pitchblack Custom Tuning Pedal with 3D Display
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Korg Pitchblack Custom Pedal Tuner
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  • Perfect

    Verified Purchase

    I started out owning the very first Korg tuner the big one with the rotary dial on front. Then I went to a rack-mount Korg then a boss tu-3. The tu3 started acting up so I decided to go back to Korg. Simply a very good tuner. Very stable. You got to love the display

  • Good Tuner

    Verified Purchase

    I use the basic functions for tuning an electric guitar, standard tuning. It’s accurate, has a bright display and silent switching. Good enough for me.

  • Better than a Boss?

    Verified Purchase

    Screen is big and easy to read on a dark stage without my glasses. Courtesy pass through 100-ma power jack is convenient. Solid construction, feel and performance.

  • Great pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Very happy with the Pitchblack custom. 3D readout is pretty cool. The only thing I really wish this had was that the footswitch "knew" if it was off or on before you disconnect the power. Typically I engage the tuner to mute when I've finished (gig/set/rehearsal etc), then when I go the next gig/set/rehearsal I wanted the tuner to switch on engaged or muted

  • All the features you need with some flare.

    Verified Purchase

    This is an accurate tuner with a very easy to see, and very unique display. It has several display modes from centering to panning strobes. Very, very cool 3d readout. You can select from different calibrations and display with buttons on top-side of the pedal. Sturdy build, good switch, bright display, 9v in and out, accurate. A great tuner.