Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer
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The Korg Mono/Poly was an exceptionally unique and powerful analog synthesizer with 4 oscillators capable of 4-voice polyphony or as 4 oscillators stacked in an ultra thick monophonic mode. The Mono/Poly also offered an arpeggiator, fantastic sounding 12/dB filter, noise generator, awesome modulation section and a unique 'X-Mod' section for cross modulation of VCO's. This is a fantastic synthesizer capable of big MiniMoog-ish monophonic lines and simple polyphony.

Product Specs

  • Mono/Poly
  • Blue
  • 1980s
Number of Keys
  • 44 Keys

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Reviews for the Korg Mono/Poly Analog Synthesizer
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  • underrated

    Beeing an owner of elkas jupiters moogs and oberheims i can not recommend enough this synth. if you look good they can still be had for 1500 and less and they totally worth it. Very special synth with my favorite filter next to the ob8.It is reliable. the only part there is hard to find are the ver…

  • Korg Mono/Poly Rocks

    Verified Purchase

    Reading the Korg Mono/Poly specs will give you an incomplete picture on what this synth is really capable of sounding like. It would be easy to class it in as a Polysix with a single filter, and two less voices, but it’s so much more. Tonally it can sound like a Polysix, but it can also come close t…