The Klon KTR represents a more affordable version to the famed Klon Centaur. While original Centaurs have sky-rocketed in price on the used market, the KTR delivers the same amazing tone at a significantly more musician-friendly price point. These pedals are well-known for their versatile, transparent tonal offerings and for the way in which they enhance all the other components in any rig.

Product Specs

  • KTR
  • Red
  • 2012 - 2019
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Klon KTR Professional Overdrive Pedal
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  • Stop it!

    You and I both know that you "you-tubed" the Klon KTR vs the Original to see if there was a difference in sound before you pulled the trigger on this bad boy. You sat there on your laptop - in bed - eating cheetos and with your laptop's speakers or Target brand headphones you pretended like you co…

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  • Klon KTR

    Verified Purchase

    I own an original Klon. I bought the KTR due to it's smaller size, freeing up some room on my pedal board. I compared the two through my normal rig, and I admit, the KTR is close. Not exact, but closer than the clone pedals I have tried. It's a great pedal and I like the smaller size. The original w…

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  • Nice

    Verified Purchase

    Nice overdrive...great clean boost

  • exactly what I expected

    Verified Purchase

    This is one of those "leave it on all the time" pedals for me. Whether it's through a tube amp, in front of my Axe Fx or a Katana, it adds the mojo. All the mojo. Buy one. Buy one now!

  • KTR vs Klones

    Verified Purchase

    The KTR I received is the “Real Deal”. I use it as a clean boost and it is discernibly better to other boosts and Klones I’ve had/tried. Worth the extra couple of bucks as compared to other Klon attempts. Excellent pan frequency response that makes both my Boogie and surprisingly my Henriksen Blu sound better. It’s a keeper.