The Kentucky KM-140 Standard A-Model Mandolin is a timeless instrument, capturing the big, plucky sounds of the hills and presenting it in a modern package for today's players. Full and round in profile thanks to the A-style construction, The KM-140 employs maple in the sides and back along with a solid spruce top for projection without sacrificing clarity. An attractive option to professional mando players, the KM-140 Standard is an ideal avenue for any fan of folk.

Product Specs

  • KM-140
  • Sunburst
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Kentucky KM-140 Standard A-Model Mandolin
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  • Kentucky km-140

    Verified Purchase

    The instrument was a big disappointment. It was very hard to play when it was received. I had a professional setup performed and was told the top is caving in slowly. The Vender refused to discuss returning my money and maintained he was unaware of any problem. At present the instrument is destined…