Featuring the same powerful amp modeling technology that made the head version famous in a more svelte package which fits just as well on top of a cab as it does on an amp, the Kemper Profiler Rack is an absolute rig chameleon. Coming in with the same 200 presets of heads, cabinets, and legendary effects including delays, overdrives, and choruses along with the option to model your favorite physical rig, the rack version also includes an onboard DI for pinning down your dry signal and the amp model in tandem and an effects loop for seamless integration of your existing hardware.

Product Specs

  • Profiler Rack Modeling Guitar Amp
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Germany
Pedal Format
  • Rackmount

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Reviews for the Kemper Profiler Rack
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  • NOICE!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Fast shipping, pleasant interaction.

  • Incredible

    Verified Purchase

    When Bias Amp and FX came out I sold my amps - I enjoy the freedom Positive Grid and companies like it offer as well as the communities around these products as they provide innumerable tone downloads. It doesn't always feel right, though - the studio produced sound is there but it's muffled and ha…

  • I Sold My Amps

    Background: ever since I tried and failed to get passible tones out of a POD HD500 seven years ago and subsequently swore off digital modeling, I’ve been a die-hard tube snob. Nothing else was capable of providing that difficult-to-describe low end warmth and sag that only a tube amp can provide. T…

  • Staunch Tube Amp Owner Who Owns Kemper & Fractal

    Verified Purchase

    First of all, I will always be dedicated a tube amp guy, and will always own tube amps. Having said that, I've been through many solid state amps and digital devices over the years, from an 90's DOD processor, the original Line6 POD to the Pod HD, computer amp simulation, and even owned a BOSS Katan…

  • I can't hate any longer!

    Verified Purchase

    I wanted to hate this thing for a long time, but while I'm in between studios I needed a way to record guitars without cabs. I listened to demo after demo of the Torpedo, Ox, Synergy, AxeFx, Helix...EVERYTHING. The Kemper won in all of them. I pulled the trigger and am so happy I did. This thing is …