Bringing together a trifecta of the company's legendary modeling power, a svelte design that sits just as well in a rack as it does on top of a cab, and a 600 watt power amp ready to hit the stage, the Kemper Profiler Power Rack may be the last amp head you'll ever need. Coming out of the box with over 200 head, cabinet, and effects models which can be mixed, matched, and tweaked with a savable archive to summon your favorites on the fly, the rackmount format also allows affords an onboard DI and an effects loops for incorporating your favorite hardware.

Product Specs

  • Profiler PowerRack 600-Watt Modeling Guitar Amp
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Kemper Profiler Power Rack
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  • Kemper Profiler ended my GAS

    Verified Purchase

    I've been buying ,trading and selling amps for over 10 years, and now that I have a Kemper Profiler, I can't wipe the grin off my face. I'm happy, my Wife is happy and the neighbors don't know why they are happy, but all I can say is I can get a cranked Low, Medium, or High gain amp tone with headph…

  • Amazing amp

    Verified Purchase

    Easily the best guitar related purchase I've ever made. Sounds unbelievable with the right profiles. Can be used with headphones, speaker cab, or monitors which makes it very versatile. I would recommend this for anyone, but it should be highly considered for gigging musicians.

  • Best amp I've ever owned or played

    I agree with Todd B. The amp is fantastic. I like that it can be used with or without a speaker cab, and that the tone using speaker emulation is excellent. I plug my smartphone, headphones and guitar into the Kemper to practice without bothering anyone else in the house. On stage, I like to use a s…

  • Super high quality audio + lightweight

    Verified Purchase

    The Kemper is the best single piece of musical gear I've purchased in a decade. It is like owning a studio closet full of high end and boutique amps, but in 9 lbs and 3U of rack space. Best of all, you can plug in for the first time and immediately understand how to access and edit a variety of tone…