The Keeley Electronics Dark Side pedal packs op-amp fuzz, tape-style delay, phaser, flanger, vibe and rotary speaker effects into one compact, serious workstation pedal that nails the Gilmour sound. The fuzz is brimming with sustain and warmth while retaining the sound of your guitar, nailing the psychedelic sound of the '70s, but the delay and modulation effects are what really brings it home and makes the Dark Side worth the price of admission and then some. This powerful DSP engine has 12 different delays and a host of swimming, swirling mod sounds that spin your guitar in circles. A single-point insert jack is provided to bring other effects to the party, and you can even control the rate or feedback with an external expression pedal to change up your sound on the fly. Grab your favorite black Strat and plug into the Dark Side.

Product Specs

  • Dark Side Workstation
  • Black
  • 2016
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Keeley Dark Side Workstation Pedal
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  • WOW

    The flexibility this workstation gives you is amazing. I take phone pics of the different settings because you can create some many you will want to recall again. Workstation is a good description too. I have yet to put it on the floor because it does so much with the adjustments you make. you'll want it at your finger tips.

  • So much more!!!

    Verified Purchase

    I came for the Gilmour. I stayed for the everything else!! Solid investment

  • Gilmore in a box

    Love this pedal. The different styles of fuzz allows you to dial in the tone that you want with almost unlimited sustain. On the other side, the modulation functions are amazing, and the blend and rate knobs allow you to choose the perfect sound for your occasion. I am actually a big fan of the delay, paired with the fuzz and sustain it really nails a Gilmore lead tone.

  • Best all around pedal ever!

    Verified Purchase

    This work station is close to everything you need as a guitarist. You can bring forth about any sound you wish. I built a chain that sounded a lot like this back in the early 80's. But that took 4 different effect pedals to accomplish. Great product!

  • This is such a terrific pedal. Be sure to plug in an expression pedal for extra options.

    Verified Purchase

    You know you want these tones! This pedal sounds fantastic! The tape delay mode takes some getting used to but it NAILS that Pink Floyd sound. If you plug in an expression pedal to the Dark Side pedal you open up even more control. This pedal is actually a really good value when you consider the quality of what's being offered here in a single pedal.