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Product Specs

  • threeQ Half-Rack Channel Strip
  • Green
  • 2010s
Reviews for the Joemeek threeQ Half-Rack Channel Strip
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  • Worth Every Penny

    Verified Purchase

    I'm immediately in love with the tone that this gave my bass guitar. I can get the punch and slap out of it that I need without the distortion that I'm used to from my board's preamps. I'm still learning how to set the pregain without destroying the tone, but I'll get the hang of it. Great purchase, worth the price for what it does.

  • Excellent, transparent control

    Verified Purchase

    The ThreeQ has a really clean throughput. It doesn't need to stomp on your signal ... but it can. Throughout most of its range, if you're being sensible with the nicely-appointed EQ, you can't even tell there's something different about your signal, except that it sounds great! This is one of those …