Built with the same discrete transistors and nuanced bass/treble knobs as the original pedal with a new Dirt/Clean toggle switch, alternating LED colors for each mode, and a tap switch input jack to alternate on the fly, the JHS Twin Twelve V2 continues serving classic Silvertone sound with more tonal options than ever. Summoning the almost inimitable grit of the 1484 popularized by Jack White, Death Cab for Cutie, and Vampire Weekend, this successor to the throne turns any rig into a vintage beast with the stomp of a switch.

Product Specs

  • Twin Twelve V2
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the JHS Twin Twelve V2 Overdrive Pedal
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  • Great!

    Verified Purchase

    Have to say this pedal is fantastic. It extremely accurately replicates the Silvetone sound, but I don't feel it should be only thought of in that way. This is not merely an amp in a box. Its simply an excellent drive pedal that, to my ears, sounds world better and more rich than a Tube Screamer. Th…

  • I sound like Jack White now lol

    I sound like Jack White now lol

  • Great overdrive if you're looking for the Silvertone sound

    Verified Purchase

    For comparisons sake I own 2 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve amplifiers. One from 63 and one from 66. They are a bit sketchy to gig consistently so I picked this up as an alternative to those. Through A fender hot rod, blues and a Boss katana this pedal does the trick. Closest sounding overdrive to that Silvertone sound. Definitely recommend.

  • This thing is amazing

    Verified Purchase

    Sort of can't believe how rich the overdrive on this thing sounds. Haven't done much with the cleans.

  • John lee hooker and muddy waters tone in a box

    Verified Purchase

    Nice old school blues tone, lots of output on tap

More Information

The second rendition of the Twin Twelve features a new toggle switch for alternating between "Dirt" and "Clean" modes, improved volume sweep, and 1/4" tap switch input jack for easy toggling between modes. The LED displays blue when in Clean mode and Red when in dirt

Years of production: 2016-present

Features: volume, drive, bass, treble knobs, Dirt/Clean switch, tap switch input jack, dual color LED