Featuring an added equalization control, a new XLR/DI side output and built-in parallel overdrive circuit with a Dirt toggle and side trim pot for supremely accurate attenuation, the new JHS Pulp 'N Peel V4 packs six years of refinement into the ultimate compressor. Easily able to hold down double duty as a beefy preamp and punchy compressor, the added overdrive component squeezes this little orange box of magic into a class (or glass) all its own.

Product Specs

  • Pulp 'N Peel V4
  • Orange
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the JHS Pulp 'N Peel V4 Compressor Pedal
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  • Very flexible, always-on Comp

    Verified Purchase

    Compared this to my MXR Custom Comp Deluxe--also a great pedal--and the Pulp 'N Peel won out. I like that you can turn the comp up and get some of that attack, but then dial back the blend to not get too much squash. Also the EQ is fantastic, that's usually an element I want to control better in my …

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  • Verified Purchase

    Great pedal. Best sounding compressor ever and the preamp in it sounds great and the dirt channel is an awesome option!!!

  • Highly Underrated!!

    Verified Purchase

    Extremely versatile preamp/compressor! With a built in buffer, dirt toggle, XLR out, EQ capabilities, and overall sound, this is an extremely versatile, well built and probably the best sounding compressor pedal I have owned. The EQ knob is one of the best out there. It doesn't simply add high end…

  • Wonderfully Designed Compressor!

    Verified Purchase

    I’m newer to compressors and was looking for one that gave me quite a bit of presence but didn’t color my sound. The JHS Pulp’ N Peel did just that. I’m able to compress the signal to get some sustain and spank as well ass blend in more of my dry signal to still have a great dynamic response. I also…

  • Verified Purchase

    very good pedal and sale price too, perfect