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Reviews for the JHS Panther Cub Analog Delay
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  • Verified Purchase

    All the features a delay pedal needs. Super user friendly. Unbelievable sound.

  • Verified Purchase

    Great analog delay

  • awesome

    Verified Purchase

    Great analog delay pedal. I have the v1 and it sounds pretty great. Probably will get it modded to v1.5 just cuz but on it's own it sounds top knotch. I think the tap tempo subdivisions as a knob instead of a switch is a little weird but meh. The feedback here doesn't get too long or self oscillate …

  • Great sounding delay

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds great. Very warm tone. Tap works great and the size is great for adding to your pedal board without taking up too much real estate.

  • Better than my Carbon Copy

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds very similar to my Carbon Copy but I’m able to get more repeats out of the Panther Cub which uses the same bucket brigade circuit as the MXR classic. The JHS PC also has tap tempo and flashing light to indicate the tempo. It might even sound slightly darker than the CC. I’m loving it and I would highly recommend the JHS Panther Cub V1.5.