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Reviews for the JHS Little Black Buffer
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  • The Correct Too for the Job

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    I don't always use this buffer, I keep it in my gig-bag and pull it out on certain occasions. When I running a long cable from my pedal board back to my amp, or when I'm using a lot of true-bypass pedals and have a buffer at the beginning of my board. But need a title more oomph to get my top end clarity over the line on a gig, and get heard in the mix.

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  • Wonderful

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    Yeah um.. I notice now WOW. I have a decently bug pedalboard. Between 8 and 12 or so at a time. Being that I have many BOSS pedals I have many with buffered bypass. My rig was not noisy but I could absolutely tell the killing of my tone. The highs and clarity was flat. As soon as I plugged this in, …

  • Secret box to maintaining baseline tone!!

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    I have 2 of these on my board. Keeps signal strongs throughout & plays nicely with all my ODs & Fuzzes. Small, compact, the best buffer I've tried & I've tried them all. Does something magical by jusy maintaining the tone you get plugging straight into the amp. Not compressed, sounds natural. Highly recommended!

  • Okay - just GET one of these already

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    Been playing for years and here's my setup. Guitar through 12 ft quality cable to the following pedals (power supplied by MXR Brick and all connected with quality cables); FullTone Boost, Orange Kongpressor, Love Pedal Zen, Butler Tube Driver, Wampler Velvet Fuzz, WamplerLatitude Trem, TC Chorus, L…

  • Always on in every configuration

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    I can go from five to a dozen pedals depending on the board build for the project. Having the input and output on the same side just works for me logically. I put it underneath the board to save space, Sounds "clean" to my ears, no coloring of my tone.