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Reviews for the JHS Haunting Mids
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  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds perfect and was in perfect shape

  • excellent excellent excellent

    Verified Purchase

    as easy to dial in as falling off a log. you get used to it pretty quick, then once you turn it off the amp just sounds flat. it honestly makes every guitar sound better through every amp every time. i've tried 7 or 8 guitars through half a dozen amps, tube and SS. i'm sure a graphic eq would ge…

  • Spooky Good

    Verified Purchase

    One of the best pedal investments I've made. Scooped the mids right out of my mid-heavy Ampeg VT-60, and its built in preamp sits nicely after my drive. This is always on and never coming off my board.

  • Very versatile pedal

    Verified Purchase

    The JHS Haunting Mids does a GREAT job of boosting or cuttings mids and you can dial-in which mid frequency is boosted or cut. But the gain is also great, very transaparent and there is a surprising amount of it.

  • Verified Purchase

    For a long time I’ve been trying to get a certain midrange sound, in the upper Mids. None of all those other pedals I’ve tried didn’t give me that sound in my head. The Closet I’ve came to that sound was the tumnus v2. Atlas I purchase the haunted mids, and brother, it was right on the money. It gave me the exact upper midrange sound, and more! Thank you JHS!