The Double Barrel V4 Overdrive from JHS packs the brand-new Moonshine V2 circuit on the right and the Morning Glory V4 on the right. The Moonshine V2 captures the same classic mid-heavy overdrive tones, but with the addition of a clean knob for blending your clean and affected signals. Meanwhile, the Morning Glory V4 overdrive features a new high-gain toggle with Red Remote capability, allowing users to plug the Red Remote directly into the "remote gain" jack with a standard patch cable for even more gain-rich tonal options. akes the classic, versatile but transparent overdrive circuit to a

Product Specs

  • Double Barrel V4 Overdrive (7-Knob)
  • White
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the JHS Double Barrel V4 Overdrive (7-Knob)
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  • best in class low/med gain pedal

    one side is a modern "transparent" od based on the analogman kot. the other side is based on JHS's modded tube screamer circuit with a wet/dry knob. you can run either side into the other for almost any type of low/med gain tone imaginable.


    Verified Purchase

    Incredible amount of tones in this pedal, from light transparent overdrive to medium-high gain and everything in between. Love the clean knob on the moonshine side. The ability to change which side comes first in the signal chain is huge! This pedal paired with the at+ is pretty much all I'll ever need for overdrives

  • Incredible and versatile

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal covers all of my low to medium gain needs. The Morning Glory V4 side is pretty much always on for me as it provides added presence and a perfect edge of breakup tone to my rig. The Moonshine side is like a perfectly modded Tubescreamer that can be set for sustain or for detail. Great f…

  • I freaking love this thing

    Verified Purchase

    It's every I ever wanted in an overdrive. I've been searching so long for this

  • Phenomenal Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    Greatest clean drive on the market! Even more tonal palettes with JHS Red Remote.