The Clover is a reimagining of the short-lived FA-1 FET Boost/Preamp/EQ that Boss released as part of its pocket series in the '80s. The Clover promises to deliver the rich tone the original is known for, featuring controls for cutting or boosting bass and treble as well as a mid-range control for matching the pedal more easily with your guitar. It also features a global low-cut switch and a balanced XLR output for bassists and acoustic guitarists.

Product Specs

  • Clover Preamp
  • Green
  • 2019
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the JHS Clover Preamp
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  • Excellent Crystline Amp Emulator/Preamp

    Verified Purchase

    Crystal clear. We use the JHS Clover and a Neunaber Iconoclast through a PA. Both preamps are excellent with different strengths. The Iconoclast has more options like like gate, stereo in/out and ability to shape output with your computer. The JHS, on the other hand, is simple and sounds transparen…

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  • Great Tone Enhancer

    Verified Purchase

    The JHS Clover provides just a touch of sparkle to your favorite guitar tone. It also provides the EQ adjustments to balance between guitars with various output pickups. A must have for my board!

  • Great for tweaking tone at low volume

    Verified Purchase

    I live in a flat so can't play loud. I find this hard been great for shaping the sound and pushing the amp at lower volumes. Takes a while to work out how to make the most of it but then it's great.


    Verified Purchase

    (not that I've used it yet)

  • Like it a lot, but sold mine to buy a graphic EQ

    Verified Purchase

    If you're looking to use this as an always-on EQ, then a graphic EQ will serve you better. I got this to adjust my input signal near the beginning of my chain, which it does just fine. But I can accomplish that in a more functional, less expensive, and more precise way with a graphic EQ. With the Cl…