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Reviews for the JHS Alpine Reverb Pedal
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  • Meh... More of a Tremolo/ Echo

    If what you are wanting is a replication of Spring or a good Ambient Reverb... This isn't it. It sort of does a decent East Bay Ray, but if you PUSH it, the thing goes into a HORRIFIC feedback loop and it won't stop. Lush is NOT a word I'd use to describe the effect/ tone. Brittle and Mechanical is…

  • Great Pedal!

    Verified Purchase

    Does all lengths.

  • Excellent Reverb Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I will start this off by saying I am a huge JHS fan, take that as you will, just want to be upfront. This is a very unique take on one of the oldest sound effects in history. I bought this pedal because of the control layout and the fact that it has it's own effects loop that allows you to contour y…

  • Cheap but expensive

    Verified Purchase

    The JHS Alpine Reverb sound in general is ok and good for rockabilly styles. But it has the cheapest footswitch I've ever seen. Somtimes it needs two or three attempts to turn it on or off!! For this the pedal is way too expensive. Even the cheapest pedals have better footswitches.

  • Would Recommend

    Verified Purchase

    Great reverb pedal. Love the option of using a TRS cable to incorporate tones into the pedal.