A boutique pedal homage to the unique onboard overdrive circuit in vintage solid state Vox Conqueror amps that George Harrison used on the White Album and other Beatles recordings. The White Pedal has four knobs that control volume (overdrive), gain (fuzz), treble cut, and a bass cut knob that acts as a mid-boost, while a fifth knob (the Yoko knob) selects the midrange frequency to boost for a parked wah sound.

Product Specs

  • White Pedal
  • White
  • 2017

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Reviews for the Jext Telez White Pedal Fuzz/Overdrive
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  • MRB mid range bliss

    Verified Purchase

    If you are a fan of the Vox MRB, this is exactly what you wanted. I finally got the tone I have been seeking since 1978. Turns out nobody told me to buy a Vox Conqueror. I was going to get two more for my big rig but I had to share this with my cousin so I guess I will need three.

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  • Amazing!! How do they do it?

    Verified Purchase

    This thing sounds fantastic and is so much fun!! Pedal is actually inspiring!! Oh yeah the band will be doing some White Album tunes for sure now!! Jext Telez=Mad Scientists!! Sell me more stuff!!

  • Verified Purchase

    Gets that Beatles tone and so much more. Such a versatile OD/fuzz box. And you can really change up the character of other fuzz pedals.

  • Verified Purchase

    This thing is totally badass and exactly the elusive White Album Conqueror fuzz tone I've spent a long time looking for. Holy grail stuff.

  • A Top Ten Pedal.

    You want the White Album/Beggar's Banquet sound? Here it is. And much more besides. While this cannot make a bad amp sound good, it can make a good amp sound like a Vox Conqueror. Sonically perfect in terms of achieving the goals Jext Telez intended. V3, if they do a V3, should have a fourth positiā€¦