Jext Telez Buzz Tone Fuzz Pedal

Brand New
$229 + Free Shipping
Fulfilled by Empire Guitars
and shipped from Providence, RI, United States

The Jext Telez Buzz Tone summons a rich, full-range, amp-like distortion reminiscent of classic fuzzes like the Uni-Tone, Fuzz Face, and Fuzz-Tone. Built with vintage, era-correct germanium transistors, the Buzz Tone was made as an homage to Syd Barrett's iconic tone on Pink Floyd's "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn".

  • Controls: Depth, Volume, two-way Voice switch

  • Standard Edition Transistors: A combination of OC44, OC71, AC125, AC128, AC188, 2n404, and 2n426

  • Limited Edition Blue Model Transistors: Two Spaghetti Logo GE and one Silver Can Mullard OC44

  • Limited Edition Red Model Transistors: One Spaghetti Logo GE, one Silver Can GE 2n404, one Silver Can Mullard OC44

  • Other Features: LED indicator, gloss paint, silk-screen text graphic

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