Renowned for their clarity and precision, even lauded by famed engineer Frank Filipetti, the JBL LSR308 is an active studio monitor with 8" LF driver and 1" HF driver that produces incredibly high-quality sound and stereo imaging. The LSR308 is particularly designed to reproduce precisely low-volume recordings, and borrows elements from the M2 Master Reference Monitors, such as bi-amping and XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced inputs.

Product Specs

  • LSR308 8" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Pair)
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the JBL LSR308 Active Monitor
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  • Great for beginners

    Verified Purchase

    I feel like if you have bedroom studio and you are on a budget like me, you cannot go wrong with these.

  • Unbelievable for the Price

    Verified Purchase

    If you have a home studio and are starting to do some mixing and need more detail and accuracy, the JBL LSR308's are the perfect upgrade for those on a budget. I strongly recommend using a subwoofer with them so that they can do what they do best, reproduce accurately. I formerly used a pair of firs…

  • Miracle Speakers

    Verified Purchase

    OMG these are the very best monitors in the world. Perfect for a home recording studio. Perfect clarity and bottom omg the bass is phenomenon. Seller was beautiful to me and gave me a great deal.

  • Verified Purchase

    I'm so happy I picked these up. Couldn't believe how fast they came. At first I was unsure about these (mainly cause of the price) but a buddy in Nashville swears by these and has used the 308's at his home to mix projects that have come his way. After plugging them in, I became a believer. Beautifu…

  • My JBL LSR 308's

    Verified Purchase

    I'm using the speakers with my Roland RD 800 stage piano and I am extremely happy with them. They sound great and you can really hear all of the different frequencies in the music very well. I'm thinking they're as good as you can get for the money and recommend them to anyone wanting a good quality speaker.