It's hard to get better active studio monitors for the price than the JBL LSR305. Designed for absolute accuracy and precision of sound, the LSR305 sports a 5" woofer and a 1" dome tweeter, which sits just so in its enclosure so as to widen your sweet spot. The monitor's Image Control Waveguide helps to enhance both the width and the depth of your stereo image, and its design means more accurate sound even at the lowest of volumes. Plug into its XLR or TRS inputs and get some fantastic sound.

Product Specs

  • LSR305 5" 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor (Single)
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitor (Single)
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  • Amazing value

    Verified Purchase

    Yes there are reviews all over the web that say the LSR305 is good value but hard to believe until hearing them for yourself. Absolutely recommended.

  • Verified Purchase

    Great speakers, very well balanced! Had the Rokits and the Yamaha HS5s, these top those hands down!. The rokits were too bass heavy while the Yamaha's had too much high end/mid. These reflect the sound for what it really is and does not color it at all.

  • Perfect but...

    Verified Purchase

    I got the mkii. I don't care and I'm super happy about it but I wish they marketed it that way. It's super great and sounds incredibility powerful. I would only buy hs8s in the future to add another reference, not replace. These are the best monitors for starting off. Hands down. Don't cheap out on mackies because they don't work half as well.