The JBL EON615 2-Way 15” Powered Speaker updates a staple of live playing environments with new features and technology for high fidelity tone and ease of use. Designed to behave like a studio monitor and deliver a flat response, the EON615 incorporates onboard ESP EQ functionality controllable via BlueTooth for on-the-fly tweaks whether you're behind the board or on stage.

Product Specs

  • EON615 2-Way 15” Powered Speaker
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the JBL EON615 2-Way 15” Powered Speaker
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  • JBL EON615

    Verified Purchase

    Pretty good,

  • Wonderful wedges, needs a lil more wattage to be tops

    What I love: very clear (scoop the 400 500 hz and you're golden), sturdy, light, makes a great wedge, sleek, and is loud enough for the majority indoor gigs i do. Cons : i use the eon 618 subs on it's own aux and when outdoors, the tops definitely don't push enough on their own. Especially in comp…

  • Don't think I'd buy again.

    Verified Purchase

    First what I like...The sound (for the most part) and how lightweight and easy to move around, with the multiple handles. Now the bad part. Second, at my first gig wih them yesterday, outdoors, sunny, 80 degrees, an hour in, one speaker apparently overheats and is out for 10 minutes. I've read tha…