Istanbul Agop 20" Signature Lenny White Epoch Crash

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Operating in its current incarnation since 2004 after creating a headquarters in the United States, Istanbul Agop is one of the cymbal industry's leaders in crafting traditional Turksih cymbals. The company was founded by and named after Agop Tomurcuk, who spent decades in Turkey's sole cymbal foundry learning the craft before creating his own company.

The Lenny White Epoch series was conceived as a harbinger of antique cymbal-smithing processes with a heavy, dark edge to the tonality. The series was directly influenced by the Turkish K Zildjians used by Tony White on the seminal Miles Davis album Nefertiti.

Years of production: 2008-present

Tonal profile: complex, umbrous, crisp

Notable features: green logo stamping

Associated artists: Scott McPherson (M. Ward), Bob Meyer, Christopher Bear (Grizzly Bear)

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