Operating in its current incarnation since 2004 after creating a headquarters in the United States, Istanbul Agop is one of the cymbal industry's leaders in crafting traditional Turksih cymbals. The company was founded by and named after Agop Tomurcuk, who spent decades in Turkey's sole cymbal foundry learning the craft before creating his own company.

Conceived to celebrate the anniversary of the original Istanbul company Zilclier (Turkish for "cymbal maker"), the 30th Anniversary series was introduced in 2010. These cymbals are produced in accordance with traditional Turkish cymbal smithing and feature a completely handmade bell, each hammered by one cymbal smith.

Designed to respond with tight sticking complemented by a low frequency "roar" of a wash, the 30th Anniversary Ride is the heaviest cymbal in the series.

Years of production: 2010-present

Tonal profile: dark, dry, articulate, quiet

Notable features: no inked logo, three vertical stamps in accordance with antiquated aesthetic

Associated artists: Jim White (Dirty Three), Josh Block (White Denim), Christopher Bear (Grizzly Bear)

Product Specs

  • 20" 30th Anniversary Ride
  • Traditional
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Istanbul Agop 20" 30th Anniversary Ride
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  • Incredible

    I first had a 22" Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Ride, and the character is quite different! I think this more has to do with the individual cymbal than whether 20" or 22". The 20" I got is trashy or complex in the best possible way. Amazing how it has such a defined sound for a ride, but as you app…

  • Amazing

    My favorite!