Years of Production: 1996 - 1998

Product Specs

  • Tube King TK999US
  • Gray
  • 1990s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Ibanez Tube King TK999US
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  • Great Tube Sound

    Verified Purchase

    This is a well built pedal offering superb tone by coloring your signal with a real vacuum tube. The 3-band EQ works well for giving you the traditional Tube Screamer mid-boost or giving you a nice "thump" to your bottom end while being capable of giving you piercing highs. The 12AX7 that comes in i…

  • The best

    I've owned two other Butlers and the Tube King US beats both. Tube Works isn't bad, it introduced me into tube overdrive. I didn't like Tube Driver, at all. But the Tube King has my tone. Not the diamond version. Original 12AX7 good, too. I've tried swapping.

  • Great addition to your pedal line

    Get that real tube tone because it's a real tube! Not big on gain or distortion, but is great for that elusive tube tone you can only get from a tube. Easy to switch to different tubes for different textures. Will accommodate 12AX7, 12AT7 and 12AU7 tubes. Sturdy construction, dependable service.

  • Real tube overtones - subtle but there - not just Solid State - Nice High Gain Overdrive

    Verified Purchase

    Ibanez upgrade of the classic Butler design. Made in the US Active tone circuit High gain - think JCM800 Very tube dependent - rewards use of high end tube. Easy to experiment with other 12A*7 tubes. Use a lower gain tube for a little less gain. Overall well worth it - good solid build Note: I ove…

  • not a BAD Sound, but not the greatest ive had either... the bas is hard to get right on this one... It felt like there is never enough, or too much... I could not find a sweet spot...