Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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Reviews for the Ibanez TSA15H Tube Screamer 15W Tube Guitar Amp Head
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  • Excellent and Clean Platform

    Verified Purchase

    This amp has exceeded my expectations, but is certainly not for everyone. When others reference this amp as 'clean', do not mistake that for Fender clean amps. The amp will break up slightly when pushed to its volume limits without the Tube Screamer engaged, which is perfect for me but may not be id…

  • 15 Watt tone monster.

    Verified Purchase

    Very clean, full body tone sounds out of it, it has 2 band EQ which is enough for most, plenty of outputs for different types of speaker configurations, a built-in tube screamer circuit that is very responsive and a 6dB boost, with the footswitch it kinda feels like you have 2 channels. 2 preamp tub…

  • Super clean but not for everybody...

    Verified Purchase

    If you want distortion from your amp, this is not for you. This thing has good clean sounds with tons of headroom. Great pedal platform so if you get most of your tone from your pedals you will like this amp.

  • Just OK

    Verified Purchase

    Not as impressed as most. Based on reviews, I anticipated a fender-clean amp (i.e., Deluxe Reverb tone/headroom) with a TS on tap. I did like the sound with the TS engaged; but otherwise, I wasn't impressed and did not keep the amp. To me, the cleans sounded kind of solid state, more tweed than b…

  • Really like it

    Verified Purchase

    Haven't had a chance to use it a lot yet but I find every aspect of it useable , the built in tube screamer is good , the 6db boost is perfect for getting above the mix for solos. I think it's a great amp for the price.