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Reviews for the Ibanez TS808HW Tube Screamer Handwired Overdrive
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  • Verified Purchase

    A+, sounds amazing

  • Classic TS808 with improved quality

    Verified Purchase

    Classic TS sound with improved built quality for road use! More open sounding, organic and transparent sound than the classic TS808 pedal!

  • The most musical TS you can get.

    There isn't a lot of difference between TS and TS clones. In fact I use a Way Huge Doubleland on my small gig board because it's essentially two mid heavy TS that I can control with footswitches. That being said the 808HW is still the most musical TS I've played. Whether into a Fender BF or Twee…

  • “THE” Tube Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    Don’t waste your money on the rest of the hundreds of TS’s. This is the one.

  • Go get it....:)

    Verified Purchase

    If you can find one new or barely used in the low $200.00 range get it. It's not all hype and is truly a great pedal. You can modify a TS9/808 and basically get the same thing but you will always want the real thing... Vibe means something with this pedal.