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Built with the iconic narrow box chassis, traditional three-knob interface, and legendary JRC4558D overdrive circuitry, the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Original stands as one of the most iconic effects in the world of music gear. Part of the famed "0" series which gave the world some of the most coveted and copied pedals, the original TS808's searing, medium-gain push and organic tube-like breakup have captured the minds of tone junkies for decades. Made famous by artists ranging from Eddie Vedder to John Mayer to Stevie Ray Vaughan, this green steed is the crown jewel of any collection.

Product Specs

  • TS808 Tube Screamer
  • Green
  • 1980
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Original
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  • Yall crazy as hell thinking someone is going to pay almost 2k$ for a janky 808

  • Disapointed

    I agree withCliff L. I bought one like this two years ago , in my opinion does not live up to the hype or price point. My style varies all over the place .I use vintage black face amps. So any pedals like compressors and other overdrive work just as well.

  • GOOD, BUT...

    After years, YEARS! of coveting this pedal I finally got one. To my surprise I did not like it. I much prefer a good TS9- they're smoother and less grating- sweeter, but still organic and exciting. I think much of this pedal's appeal is its popularity, which it owes mostly to the fact that was a g…

  • The hype is true

    Verified Purchase

    This is absolute holy grail of overdrives. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. You will not be disappointed and this will only go up in value.

  • TS 808

    Verified Purchase

    Just warmer than the other screamers I have tried. Stacks well with other screamer types or low gain pedals like a Timmy. Much less compressed than my vintage TS9 & TS10. A more natural sounding breakup on chords & a thick liquid sounding sustain on bends. Build quality is also superior imo. Wa…