The PM7 is the phase shifter of Ibanez's Tone Lok series. The pedal features three waveforms and three phasing modes, bot selectable via switch and controls for speed, depth and feedback.

Product Specs

  • PM7 Phase Modulator
  • Grey
  • 1990s

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Reviews for the Ibanez PM7 Phase Modulator
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  • Don't do it—

    Are you serious? This much weirdness for that little $$? I only wish there was an expression pedal or cv option. If you know of a mod please tell me. I've used it on guitar, drum machines etc. It's inexpensive because it looks like a pedal and guitarists are dumb ;) Yes, it's not as 'rich' as a MF-1…

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  • Rivals Boutique Pedals

    Verified Purchase

    I was looking for an affordable ring mod, and found this in a thread. When I heard it on YouTube, I knew it was something I wanted. It was also on someone's underrated pedal list online. This pedal has exponential possibilities when combined with my multi-effect pedals, and sounds fantastic with …

  • Great phaser capable of subdued to extreme

    Verified Purchase

    The selling point of this pedal is and should be that you can get some pretty wild sounds out of it: pseudo ring mod, synthy sequencer arpeggios, high feedback squalls. It does all that, and the sounds it produces can be very inspiring: everywhere from dreamy rhythmic washes to dissonant, resonan…

  • Beautiful sounds in an ugly box

    Verified Purchase

    Yeah, it looks bad, but this thing covers WAY more ground than most phase effects, especially with the three-way wave form switch. (Bonus: you can actually create some interesting drones and rhythmic effects with the feedback at its extreme settings, even without an instrument plugged in.) I wish I'd bought one sooner.