The Ibanez PH7 Phaser features controls for Speed, Feedback, Depth, and Level, as well as two different phaser modes for subtle or more dramatic phasing effects.

Product Specs

  • PH7 Phaser
  • Gray
  • 2000s

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Reviews for the Ibanez PH7 Phaser Pedal
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  • Awesome pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I have a bunch of pedals from this series. Great design and functionality across the board.

  • A plethora of phasers out there all kind of do the same thing,

    Verified Purchase

    but there are as many subtle differences as there are makes and models. Ibanez created a phaser here that is restrained - in a good way that gives moving sonic tension. As if there is one part of the phased signal that sounds "ahead" of the normal phase sweep. The long sweep is jolly well long and I like that for static keyboard pads or drones.

  • Great pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This is a terrific phaser pedal with double sounds well package quick postage and a great deal thank you for your professional manner vince

  • great-sounding, often overlooked pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This is a terrific-sounding phaser with switchable 4- and 6-stage phase modes. The tone is very clean and modern. The PH7 has four knobs: SPEED, (phase) DEPTH, FEEDBACK, and (output) LEVEL. The Feedback & Speed controls will be familiar from most phasers, and they make the PH7 a good match for anyo…