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The Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster pushes more bottom end into your overdrive, making it a great addition to high gain bright tube amps. It features true bypass switching as well as controls for Tone, Gain, and Level.

Product Specs

  • BB9 Bottom Booster
  • White
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster
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  • Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster

    Verified Purchase

    Great deal for a great pedal

  • Sounds okay... when it doesn't sound bad.

    Verified Purchase

    The used unit I bought looked mint. It has one of the noisiest switches I've ever heard, and it randomly emits a high-pitched squeal. From what I've read, these are common problems with this pedal - not anything particular to this one I bought. Some people have said they spray contact cleaner on the…

  • Verified Purchase

    I bought this for bass, but it's great on guitar (which it was designed for.) This used 1N4007's for clipping diodes (1N4001's are listed on the schematic.) I will probably change to 1N4148's which sound better to my ear. The gain is not a standard gain but sweeps between clean and the clipped circuit. Interesting, but might need some modding for my use.

  • Interesting Pedal - Decent for the price

    Verified Purchase

    You can get this thing to do some pretty cool fuzzy low end stuff. Works as a boost/fuzz/drive just to push the low end. Very happy with it for the price, kind of a background effect in my rig, but it's fun to kick it on for some extra punch.