Built with true bypass, a compact chassis and the classic three-knob control scheme of repeat, blend and time, the Ibanez Analog Delay Mini shrinks warm, organic delay tone literally into the size of the palm of your hand. Modeled after Ibanez's coveted AD-9 Analog Delay, this miniaturized behemoth is a fast avenue to an iconic pedal without eating up pedalboard space or your wallet.

Product Specs

  • ADMINI Mini Analog Delay
  • Pink
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Ibanez Analog Delay Mini
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  • Warm and luscious

    Verified Purchase

    I had an original AD-9 for years when I was younger. I used it more as a reverb with slight delay and always loved how lush it made my sound. Eventually I wore the pedal out. Never forgot how good it sounded and always compared other delays to that one. Now I have the mini version and it sounds to …

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  • Delayed Gratification

    Verified Purchase

    You could try others, but why delay? This is pedal is highly adjustable and organic sounding. Love the subtly you can get when combing with DRRI's spring reverb. Very cool pedal which echoes like only an analog can.

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  • Fantastic BBD pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I'm a delay freak. I've owned something like 50 different delays over the years. I love analog BBD style delays, but the repeats have to be just right or it doesn't sit right in the mix. Boss DM-2s are the holy grail for me. But this Ibanez pedal are very nearly as good. I like it better than the D…

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  • Simple, yet effective

    I use this pedal primarily for the slap back effect and have to say that it does that very well. Small footprint perfect for those with limited space on their pedalboard.

  • Analog goodness

    Verified Purchase

    A simple bucket brigade delay that is expertly voiced and has a great sweep with the speed knob, allowing you to dial in extremely slight changes. This thing is also magic as a "doubler" where you have only one, loud repeat at the minimum speed setting for a lush modulation. This is where the sensit…