Ibanez AM73B-TF Artcore Series Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Flat

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Reviews for the Ibanez AM73B-TF Artcore Series Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Flat
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  • Really amazing

    I had bought this guitar hopefully to get me into Jazz a bit, and sure enough it really is great for jazz/clean tones. What I didn't expect was that it really sounds fantastic for rock, and the neck and action are superb. There's nothing I can play on my Prestige that I can't play on this and it's v…

  • Verified Purchase

    Thought Ibanez was made in Japan if I knew they were made in China would of never bought it.

  • Great transaction

    Verified Purchase

    Well received, quick, and in great condition. This Ibanez is a great deal and sounds excellent for it's price point. Could not ask for anything more. Thanks!

  • Can't beat this guitar...

    I've owned this guitar for a couple of years. I agree with everything the prior reviewer said: high quality, and very polished for a guitar at this price point. About a year ago I came across a great deal on a pair of Seymour Duncan P90s. I love P90s and I took this guitar to a luthier and had th…

  • I Love This Guitar

    Verified Purchase

    I case you didn't know....Ibanez makes the best bang for the buck in semi-hollow bodies. The only reason I can think of that someone would rather get a 335 or 339 is they have to have a chunky neck. Build quality is great, pickups are ok to good depending on the model, and the necks are great. I …