The Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay features controls for Delay Time, Repeat, and Blend, with up to 300 ms of bucket-brigade analog delay.

Product Specs

  • AD-80 Analog Delay
  • Pink
  • 1980
Made In
  • Japan
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Ibanez AD-80 Analog Delay
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  • Vendeur très sympathique et pro

    Verified Purchase

    A priori un passionné qui m'a expédié le bien très rapidement!

  • A Sweet Sounding, Superb Analog Delay !

    Verified Purchase

    I always wanted one of these after using one that my friend had for vocals though the PA and with my bass guitar. If you listen to video demo's of this pedal, and compare it to everything else out there, nothing compares except the Boss DM-2 or Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man....even then, there…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great sounding analog delay pedal. It is a clear-sounding delay, but not like digital. It really sits nicely behind the dry signal without getting in the way, but isn't as dark as something like a Carbon Copy. The only flaws are that the delay time is limited (although this is really inherent in the…

  • The best

    Verified Purchase

    The Ibanez Analog Delay AD 80 is a beautifully designed delay pedal and it just works very well. The AD 80 has never been reissued so if you want it, you have to pony up for the original. Even at 35+ years old, this pink or purple effect pedal is still in the top tier for delay pedals. Ibanez or Max…