The Ibanez 850 Fuzz Mini Pedal compacts the company's original '70s Muff-like tone with an improved tone control for a wider range of hot spots and more bite in the clipping.

  • Interface: Tone, level, sustain knobs, single footswitch

  • Dimensions: 2.004"W x 3.646"L x 2.169"H

  • Other Features: True bypass, modified filter caps in clipping section

Product Specs

  • 850 Fuzz Mini Pedal
  • Orange
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Ibanez 850 Fuzz Mini Pedal
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  • Low total output volume

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds great. Good "Big Muff" style fuzz with a lot of low end. However, it doesn't have enough output to reach unity gain into a clean amp. OK for recording or practice (or always on), but not usable for me live switching from clean to fuzzy.

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  • Great little silicon fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal reminds a lot of a Big Muff and offers full on saturated distortion that sounds awesome. Whether going into a clean or dirty amp this fuzz shines, adding a thick yet quite bright fuzz tone. Compared to the classic BM this pedal is a little brighter but sounds essentially the same, maybe i…

  • Great Fuzz

    Verified Purchase

    This fuzz is great, I have tried many and this has a great tone in a small space for my pedalboard, is built like a tank and looks cool with that style of the 80s. Great pedal!

  • Verified Purchase

    Best "Ram's Head" on the market, sounds great at lower gain which is rare for this type of fuzz. Tone knob could use just a little more on the top end because its fairly dark, but nothing an EQ or a stacked pedal can't fix.

  • Great little pedal, just not for me

    I bought this to replace a Mr. Black Darling Fuzz or Southampton Pedals The Imposter because it's smaller. I figured the demos sounded good and for a mini fuzz, it has a tone knob, so I should be able to craft what I need out of it. What makes it great is that is has a wide range of gain on tap. …