Designed to fit crowded pedalboards, the Hotone Soul Press packs a classic Cry Baby tone into a small footprint. The pedal can also function as a volume and expression controller. 

Product Specs

  • Soul Press Volume/Expression/Wah
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Hotone Soul Press Wah
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  • Loud and Noisy

    Verified Purchase

    Any movement of the pedal was met with loud and scratchy, white noise from the amp.

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  • Small, Light, Versatile

    Verified Purchase

    I got it because it’s the lightest weight expression pedal i could find, including the AMT EX-50 and the Dunlop DVP4 and Mooer. It costs the same as dedicated expression pedals except: it can also do volume and wah. So you get those for free essentially if what you’re after is a small exp pedal. …

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  • A Three Fir

    Verified Purchase

    Nice pedal I like the volume and expression a lot. Reason for 4 out of five stars is while I like the wah sound its too easy to accidentally turn it off while soloing.

  • How did I get along with out this?

    A 3 in one, than has become a necessity for me. The volume pedal sounds great. No tone loss. The wah is fun and has a great character. Plus being able to use it as an expression pedal for delay feedback or whatever my mind cooks up, has been a bonus! AND its smaller than every other volume/wah pedal I've ever seen!

  • A bargain and very usable!

    A wah, volume and expression pedal all in one. The wah is very functional and the volume pedal is better than a few others I'v used that aren't as smooth in operation. And all of this in a tiny footprint. Wowza!!