Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind Guitar Amplifier Head


The Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind Guitar Head captures the searing, screaming tone of a certain '60s icon in the ultimate portable amplifier. Clocking in at under a pound but sporting pro features like an onboard three-band EQ, effects loop, and variable ohm impedance for compatibility with virtually any cab, the Purple Wind whisks you into classic hot tone territory. Ideal for a practice amp in your room, this is also a solid option to have as a backup in the event your workhorse head malfunctions.

Product Specs

  • Nano Legacy Purple Wind 5w Guitar Head
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind Guitar Amplifier Head
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  • Max sound from a mini package

    Verified Purchase

    This is the third one I bought and even though I use a Line-6 Pod Pro, these tiny amps absolutely crank. The best deal for the money of any amp I have owned, except my 1970 small box 50W Marshall. I bought it new when I was stationed in the UK in 1970 for less than $300.

  • Is it me

    Verified Purchase

    Very noisy... tone is blah

  • Small package, big sound

    Verified Purchase

    I really enjoy the sound of this little 5watt solid state amp. Great tone. Would definitely recommend and I would like to try the others in the series.

  • GREAT!

    Verified Purchase

    Keep in mind thet this is a MINI AMP so it is incredibly good for its size and price. It works awesome is very versatile and sounds great at low volume in my little living room, did not try it at full volume and gain because my wife could kill me. It also has a line in that helps a lot for practice …

  • Tiny amp, big sound

    Verified Purchase

    Great sound, amazing for such a tiny and head. Really a lot of amp for the money. Driving my 1x12 cab, it can get WAY louder than I ever need for at-home practice.