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  • Fuzz
  • Grey
  • 2010s
Reviews for the Hofner Fuzz
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    Verified Purchase

    Wanted something to replicate the sound of my old Hofner with built in fuzz. This is pretty much dead on.

  • Solid fuzz for so little

    Verified Purchase

    Acted on this based on the opinion of the maker of Walrus Audio pedals, who was not wrong in his high praise. What I like most about the Hoffer fuzz is the fine control -- from just a touch to full-on fuzz. It doesn't take control of your sound but lets you control it.

  • Classic fuzz!

    Verified Purchase

    I love this thing& it costs next to nothing compared to the high end boutique-y stuff I've used up til now. Not gonna name names, but I ditched them all. This is now the only overdrive on my pedal board. It's got a really wide range of sounds, subtle growl all the way up to thick, grinding fuzz. Thiā€¦