The Heet EBow is an massively popular guitar tool that's capable of producing everything from arpeggiation to delay to endless sustain. Used by the likes of The Edge and Billy Corgan, the EBow takes any guitar rig into uncharted territory by emitting a electromagnetic signal that vibrates individual stings without any picking or strumming needed. In doing so, the EBow creates a droning feedback loop that sounds sensational by itself and even better when paired with other effects like delay and fuzz.

Product Specs

  • EBow Plus
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Heet EBow Plus
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  • Legendary Status

    This thing does what nothing else can.

  • A Doorway

    Verified Purchase

    It opens a doorway to a lot of awesome extended technique. There is a drastic learning curve to it if you're coming from picking, but after a while you will be able to switch back and forth seamlessly. Great tone, and manageable at low volumes. Will save you the money if your they type of player tha…

  • fun

    Verified Purchase

    I am still learning to use it but got sounds out of it without much knowledge or practice so far after first day with it.

  • Great on acoustic

    Verified Purchase

    I'm an acoustic player and love the way it works on my guitar, plugged or unplugged. Plug it in and add effects like pedals from the EHX "9" series, and you'll be blown away.

  • Thanks!

    Came on time and as described. Thanks!