The Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume is a simple, powerful "attack delay" pedal that swells up your volume for a dramatic effect. Similar in action to a couple long-out-of-production pedals, you simply set your threshold for how hard or soft you're picking or strumming, then dial in the speed at which you'd like your sound to ramp up.

Product Specs

  • SV2 Slow Volume
  • Purple
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Guyatone SV2 Slow Volume Pedal
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  • Does what its supposed to do

    Verified Purchase

    Was thinking about a Slow Gear, crazy expensive. This does the same thing for way less. Takes a little practice to dial in, depending on the song, but if you have the right guitar sound, the right delay, etc. it does the backward thing really well.

  • I really like it

    Verified Purchase

    I think it looks really cool, for starters. Sturdy build. I am pretty sure anyone reading this review already had a good idea of what this box does, it's been pretty famously utilized. Does exactly what it is supposed to do, has sensitve controls for dialing in swells to taste- there is a lot of subtlety and varaiton there. Comes to life placed before other modulation.

  • Verified Purchase

    Very good pedal. Does exactly what it claims!