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The Gurus 1959 Double Decker is a wildly versatile preamp pedal with two distinct drive channels and a separate solo boost, essentially one-stop-shopping for all things vintage British overdrive and distortion. With lower-gain Bluesbreaker crunch on "Floor 1" and the sound of a maxed out Plexi on "Floor 2", each with its own independent tone stack, the 1959DD also features a direct output that's switchable between the dry direct sound and a mic'd speaker emulation that's amazing for going straight to front-of-house or your DAW. Rounded out by a tube effects loop with series/parallel switching and remote connections for analog switchers, the 1959 Double Decker is quite the impressive offering.


Product Specs

  • 1959 Double Decker
  • Black / Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Italy

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