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Just like the Starfire series was an attempt by Guild to capture some of the growing semi-hollow market in the '60s, the  X-82 was one of several guitars Guild produced in the '80s to get in on the Heavy Metal market. The X-82 was originally called the Nova, but the name was changed to the Starfighter in 1984. This guitar featured two humbuckers and an optional vibrato starting in 1984.

Years of Production: 
1981 - 1986

Unique to this Year: Name changed from Nova to Starfighter. Vibrato option added.

Body Style: Dual cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition: Mahogany or Alder body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Two uncovered humbucker pickups, two control knobs, unbound fingerboard, vibrato tailpiece, Adjustomatic bridge, dot inlays, pointed headstock

Product Specs

  • X-82 Nova
  • Black
  • 1984