Grover 406C6 6-in-Line Locking Mini Rotomatic Tuners - 18:1

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Reviews for the Grover 406C6 6-in-Line Locking Mini Rotomatic Tuners - 18:1
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  • Go-To Drop Ins for PRS SE

    Verified Purchase

    Have used many of these over the years for Korean-made PRS SEs. They look great, work well and lock quickly. String changes are a breeze and I prefer the smaller size and lighter weight of the tuning keys. Highly recommended!

  • I love these tuners

    Verified Purchase

    They are light. The lightest locking tuners I have found. They look good. Once they lock they do not come undone unless you unwind the strings and turn the little slot back. The tuners with the little wheels on the back sometimes get loose in the gig bag and have to be checked every time you take it out.

  • A great sonic upgrade

    Verified Purchase

    I love these Grovers. Their extra mass adds sustain and projection to the strings, just as brass bridge pins do on the other end. String changing is quick and easy. These are a no-brainer acoustic guitar upgrade in my opinion.