Grosh Retro Classic Vintage T Glacier Blue Metallic 2011

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Don Grosh opened his custom guitar shop in Santa Clarita, California in 1993. Previously, Grosh had worked as a builder in the famous Valley Arts guitar shop. His high-end custom guitars are used by a number of famous players, and typically take the form of modified versions of classic guitar designs. The Retro Classic Vintage T, for example, is a modern take on a Tele or T-style guitar. Due to their highly customizable nature, Grosh guitar values can vary greatly within each model. 

Years of Production: 1993 - present

Design Elements: Two single-coil pickups, dot inlays, two control knobs

Notable Grosh Players: Brian McNight, Mark Knopfler, Steve Miller

Product Specs

  • Retro Classic Vintage T
  • Glacier Blue Metallic
  • 2011