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Reviews for the Gretsch G6120SH Brian Setzer Hot Rod
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  • Great ax

    Verified Purchase

    Plays very smoothly, set up from the store was spot on. Made in Japan, and very made at that. Very happy with this purchase. I tried one out at a Brian Setzer show years ago, and was really impressed with the feel. The sound is well known with Brian Setzer- it's that great Gretsch sound.

  • Amazing.

    I've been playing one electric guitar for almost 20 years. A 2000 brian setzer ssugr. It's the finest guitar I've ever played. I haven't even desired to get another guitar really until they put this out. It's as if they took this right out of dreams. Perfect. Everything I could want and more. This is perfection to me.

  • You wouldn't think...

    that a guitar like this could do the things it does. The heavier trestle bracing keeps your feedback at a usable bay, the Setzer Sig TV Jones pickups will rock about as hard you want them to and twang as you need them to. But my favorite part is the lack of controls because they keep you concentr…

  • Great sounding guitar, light, comfortable and good looking! One of the most versatile hollow bodies out there. The details are simply amazing

  • The Setzer Hot Rod....Tone Monster!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Tone Tone Tone!!! This thing sounds wonderful, plays great and stays in tune like a champ with bending and bigsby shenanigans. I've had a lot of great guitars over the years...this has to be my favorite.