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Reviews for the Gretsch G5422T with Bigsby
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  • A.Berry

    Verified Purchase

    Great quality ....beautiful tone...and a beautiful looking guitar, I really like this guitar and I believe anyone ‘ on the fence ‘ about purchasing a Gretsch G5422t should take some advice and make the purchase.

  • This was my first serious guitar

    Verified Purchase

    After so many beaters that buzzed and sounded like garbage, this was my first serious guitar. I absolutely love this guitar. It’s really helped to drive my passion and I just feel really connected to. A year after purchase, it’s still my main guitar. The pickups are lower output and aren’t as hot…

  • Plays like a dream

    Verified Purchase

    Smooth cord changes, great sound. I played a country gentleman in the early 80s, abd I feel this is bettet to play.

  • Sweet guitar!

    I've been playing my 5422 for about a year now and I'm loving it! The fully hollow body makes it very resonant; it rings in a most satisfying way when I hit a chord. The BlackTop pickups are great - articulate and full, capable of beautiful clean tones but happy to chime with some overdrive or scre…

  • Highly Recommended

    Verified Purchase

    I own both the Gretsch Country Gentleman and Electromatic and of the two, I like the Electromatic best. It's lighter weight, thinner neck and excellent build quality make it a fine guitar to play. I hear little tonal differences between the two. Don't worry that the Electromatics are Gretsch's …