The first of several Gretsch guitars with the endorsement of country legend Chet Atkins, the 6120 Chet Atkins Hollowbody is a prime example of the type of guitar most commonly associated with Gretch. This electric archtop premiered in 1955 with bound F-holes, a Bigsby tremolo tailpiece, and a striking set of finishes. Like many Gretsch archtops, this model has been embraced by a number of rockabilly guitarists including Brian Setzer. Early 6120s have a large G engraved on the lower end of the body and Western-themed inlays.

Years of Production: 1955 - 1980, 2004 - present

Unique to this Year: Number of changes introduced in 1958 include new Filter'tron pickups, bar bridge and thumbprint inlays.  In 1959, Bigbsy tremolo tailpiece changes to Gretsch V-style Bigsby.

Product Specs

  • 6120 Chet Atkins
  • Orange
  • 1958

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