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Reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Studio 2015
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  • Sweet Guitar

    Verified Purchase

    I know there is a lot of negative stuff floating around with Gibson right now, but honestly this by far my favorite guitar to play right now. I spent some time dialing in the neck and intonation and it plays like a dream. I love the brass nut, it makes tuning a breeze. Mine did not come with, nor di…

  • 2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio

    Verified Purchase

    I´ve owned several guitars such as strat, Ibanez, Epiphone, even cheap ones. To be honest this is my first Gibson LP and by far the guitar has a warm clear sound due to its 57 pickups (according to me: this pickup can be used for both classic and modern), the neck is not chunky and/or not completel…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great guitar. Well broken in and sounds and plays terrific.

  • Finally have a Gibson

    Verified Purchase

    I have a wrist injury that's hampered my play time for about 10 years. This Les Paul Studio though I can play for over an hour without losing sensation in my fingers. On my Telecaster I can only play for 10min top. The feel is great. I love the action & sound. Feels like the very first time again.

  • '97 Studio LP

    Verified Purchase

    Gibson produced some of their best guitars in the 90's and this '97 is definitely one of them!