Product Specs

  • Les Paul (SG)
  • Cherry
  • 1961
Made In
  • United States
Body Shape
  • Double Cutaway
Body Type
  • Solid Body
Number of Strings
  • 6 String
Right / Left Handed
  • Right Handed

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Reviews for the Gibson Les Paul (SG) Cherry 1961
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  • Some drop the words iconic and historic to describe this guitar. And they also seem to revere Angus Young and AC/DC Frankly I never had much use for either their songs or their sound. I've never owned an SG because I've never liked the look nor the feel of this guitar and frankly wouldn't pay $5…

  • History 101

    Do a little research on the history of Gibson and the Les Paul relationship and models, and you will find another cool chapter in what was a cornerstone in Rock & Roll. This guitar is arguably one of those turning points that defined today's atmosphere for vintage as well as new & reissues. I gu…

  • Awesome if you are a player

    These early SG guitars are awesome. Quality mahogany, Brazilian rosewood fretboard., PAFs. They have a real snarl to them. Yes, the sideways vibrato is odd. BUT, the secret is, don’t use it! The springs in the vibrato impart sympathetic vbrations into the tone. There is a reason why so many classic…

  • Gibson SG Review

    I think these old guitars especially for the large sums they are selling for are purely and simply nostalgia antiques. Its no point describing them as ‘awful’ as anyone paying 10k+ will know what they are after or have so much money who cares. Its like all this rubbish saying Mullard valves have ama…

  • Nice Talking Piece - Awful guitar

    I had one back in the day and kept it for many a closet. The sideways whammy bar was impossible to use. The way the neck is attached to the body is very very flimsy, and you get a better vibrato effect bending the neck back and forth than you do with the whammy bar. Tuners won't stay in t…