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Reviews for the Gibson Les Paul Faded 2018
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  • Fantastic Guitar

    I bought one that had been hanging on the wall, the fingerboard was really dry, (had "fret sprout") so we oiled it well a couple of times, it rebounded perfectly, so now I once again have a real, Plek'd, Gibson Les Paul, only this one weighs about 8lbs instead of 13lbs like my old 67 Black Beauty. …

  • Verified Purchase

    After a tune up, it plays great! Thought I might need to swap out pickups for something hotter but I’m pleased enough with both. Faded model is no frills - dot inlay fretboard instead of block inlay, plain wood ‘clear’ finish is pretty but not the lavish sunburst finish of a Les Paul Std, etc. - but it suits me. Happy with my purchase.

  • Sent back

    Verified Purchase

    The guitar looked amazing. Very light. To light. I liked my epiphone les paul traditional pro better. Just didn't have that sound I thought it should. Fretboard was dry as a bone. I decided it was not worth it so I sent it back.

  • Great gigging platform!

    Verified Purchase

    This guitar is new and still feels a bit "stiff". I love the neck and the fretwork. The pickups scream "Les Paul" and the finish feels amazing. The electronics are dead quiet as well....a big bonus. I love the look and don't feel the least bit worried about having this guitar out in any conditions....worth every penny spent.

  • Upgrade

    Verified Purchase

    Upgraded to this guitar from Epi Les Paul Traditional Pro. Doesn't have the coil splits that I rarely used but does have a great Plekd neck and nice grade A maple top. Pickups sound clearer, very full and guitar looks nice. Still somewhat heavy at 8.4 lbs.desite ultra modern weight relief